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Upon consultation with the director and internship coordinator, and in accordance with the College of Arts & Letters policy, students may count 1-3 credits of a Center for Social Concerns Summer Service Learning Project or internship towards the minor.  

ND Bridge

The ND Bridge program offered through the Center for Social Concerns is a summer immersion where rising sophomores think hard about injustice, work with communities around the world that face it, and consider their responsibility to the common good while at Notre Dame and beyond.. SMAC students interested in education, coaching, disability, health, or community engagement may benefit from applying their knowledge and practicing their skills through ND Bridge. Depending on the site, students may engage in programs relevant to SMAC themes of sport, representation, power, and equity. Students interested in applying ND Bridge credits towards the minor should contact the director of SMAC as well as an advisor in the Center for Social Concerns before registering.


For those who hope to forge a career in a sports-related field or who want to better understand how those who work in sports grapple with current challenges, internships offer an invaluable source of experiential learning, practical training, and networking opportunities. Students might also be able to build upon experiences or projects begun in an internship for their Capstone projects. We encourage SMAC minors to pursue internships whether they are paid or unpaid; take place during the academic year or over summer; are conducted on-campus, off-campus, or remotely; or are part of an outside company or a group within Notre Dame. Community engagement opportunities are also available through the Center for Social Concerns. Students may count up to 3 credit hours of internships towards the minor.

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Questions? For more information:

Contact the Director of SMAC, Professor Annie Coleman, or Internship Coordinator Christine Becker to learn more about internship and networking opportunities.