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New Course on the NFL

Author: Emmet Powell

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A brand new course on the NFL will be offered this spring! SMAC is excited to announce Inside the NFL, a new 1-credit course that will deconstruct the NFL machine and examine the key players involved in forging and fueling this cultural phenomenon. The course will be taught by  Eugene Lee  ‘95, NFL agent, and Jerry Angelo, former General Manager of the Chicago Bears. 

Inside the NFL will analyze and discuss a variety of current topics and events all within the context of the tug-of-war dynamic between NFL players, teams, agents, coaches, media, brand partners, and front office personnel.  It will also examine the impact of league initiatives designed to foster meaningful change in the areas of social justice and reform and empower students to explore career and community service opportunities in professional sport.

The course has a section (02) open to all majors. It will meet virtually (on zoom) on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:15pm starting February 22 and ending May 3, and include one in-person meeting the Thursday before the Blue-Gold Game.

This class is now full! Thanks for your support - we will let you know how it goes.